Aria Ide Hagemtan Commercial Production Group was founded and started its activity in Hamadan city in 2011 with the aim of superior production and raising quality standards in the industry of sanitary ware sets.

The human capital of this complex consists of young and creative people who emphasize the spirit of teamwork, empathy and the use of collective wisdom, and also by having modern knowledge and technology and modern design and production methods, they have been able to supply products with The quality and variety of the vanity cabinet, with a beautiful and modern design, take effective steps.

This collection, by using world-class materials and methods and using expert forces and skilled managers and the expertise of experienced internal consultants, by discovering the needs of the market at any time, tries to produce high-quality bathroom cabinet products that suit different tastes and create a luxurious atmosphere. And it has modern bathrooms.

The specialists of this company, relying on the modern science and the experiences of the previous years, have planned their production conditions at the level of international standards and in addition to the domestic market, they also sell their products in the markets of the CIS countries, the Persian Gulf and some African countries. has provided

Aria Ide Hagemtan Company Under the management of Mr. Mohsen Faraji and Elias Faraji, he tries to develop the business of his customers as his business partners, and to have the best team in the field of distribution and supply of vanity cabinet products, his sales policy is based on customer-centeredness, honesty, respect, Attention and commitment to after-sales service has expanded.