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Arya Ide Hegmatan Industrial Group has started its activity in line with the production of sanitary full sets and with the aim of helping the country's economy under the management of Mr. Faraji and has diversified in the field of sanitary sets Hygiene has made the production process convenient, purposeful and faster than before. compete in different parts of the country. This group considers quality as the main pillar in satisfying customers and has always put the principle of customer orientation at the forefront of its activities and has been able to take great steps towards achieving its goals.

It is hoped that by expanding the range of products and supplying diverse and high-quality goods with a reasonable price, we can provide the best service worthy of the dignity of our dear compatriots.

This The collection was established in Hamedan province with the aim of entrepreneurship and in order to reach global markets and self-sufficiency in the production of all kinds of cabinet vanities needed by the country. This group provides high-quality products to a wide range of domestic and foreign customers by using the latest technology and knowledge.

and Kargar has taken an important step in the economic upliftment of the country. Reasonable price has been able to place itself among the leaders of this profession over many years.

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